The Phone Business

Currently, residential phone usage is trending towards “unlimited” plans and away from the analog landline. As a result, the FCC, a division of the FCC, considers phasing out the landline telephone system entirely.

The FCC’s proposal will be presented to the US Congress in early 2010. According to the FCC, the move is necessary because of declining revenues from the traditional landline business.

The FCC claims that phasing out of the landline system will save the federal government about $40 billion a year. However, if the phasing out of the landline is allowed to go through, the industry will take an $80 billion hit. That is where you come in!

The most important aspect of the telephone business is that it offers you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur! To earn profits, you need to have the correct technology, and with the telephone network in decline, the technology is becoming outdated almost instantly.

In order to succeed with a telephone company, you will be expected to provide services that the company doesn’t have the resources to offer or there isn’t a demand for. In other words, the telephone is becoming a less attractive business model.

The opportunity you will have is to become a provider of ancillary services and a revenue stream for your own business. This is an accessible business to run because you don’t have to invest in property or assets, and you don’t have to hire employees or franchisees.

The most attractive aspect of the telephone business is that you can establish it quickly with very little capital and very little overhead expense. There are almost no costs for property, buildings, furniture, or other fixed assets. With a telephone business, you can keep your costs to a minimum and grow profits without putting additional overhead expenses on your personal income!

When you are just starting out in a telephone business, the first thing you should do is get the company’s telephone number that you are interested in opening a business with and work your way down to obtaining the franchise. With the telephone network in decline, there are many other businesses that you could run that will generate more revenues. Many of them are going out of business rate, which means that you won’t pay an arm and a leg for leasing or leasing against their assets!

A telephone franchise is a great way to start a telephone business, and there is no franchise fee to pay! The franchise fee will give you access to thousands of lines and is paid upon opening the business with that particular company.

Most telephone companies provide you with a directory of local numbers and other information that you can use to advertise your telephone business. Information like this is precious because it will draw consumers to your telephone business for the sale!

The advertising for your telephone business should be done in conjunction with your telephone company. Without their support, you won’t have any leads to use as an advertising medium! You should be placing advertisements and marketing articles on your telephone business for the sale of your telephone business, for the sale of advertising for telephone companies that do not support advertising for your business!